While working over 19 years in the corporate world as a professional engineer and engineering manager, I learned the importance of career satisfaction. At times, during the long commutes and days in the cubicle farm, it was hard to picture a different path and believe that fulfillment was possible.

My conclusion is that few people find direction and purpose by accident – you must seek it intentionally. 

In 2014, I pursed an MBA degree to build leadership and communication skills and hoped to come across new opportunities. What came out of that five-year journey was a focus on people as the most important part of any organization and a desire to work in personnel development.

Just as I was graduating, my twin daughters were starting their senior year of high school, and I was determined to help them find a good fit for their future. I found and fell in love with The Highlands Ability Battery. 

Within a few months, I had decided to become a Career Consultant, certified in Highlands as my main tool.

The engineer side of me values their objective assessments and robust, research-based reports. These features make Highlands distinctive in the marketplace, when all other assessments focus on subjective self-reporting of personal interests or strengths.

The interpersonal side of me appreciates their “Whole Person” approach and Personal Vision resources for guiding clients into a new paradigm. I can attest that life is too short to spend in an unfulfilling job or floating without direction. Everyone was made with their own unique combination of gifts and talents – discover yours and create your path to enjoying your life and work.

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