Assessment – High School Students


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As parents, we want to see our kids launched and thriving.  What can you do to help them the most in these last months before they fly…?

Take the stress out of the college, major, and career decisions with fresh insight into their strengths.

Before spending thousands of dollars on a degree program, invest in finding out what they’re naturally good at — that thing inside that sparks of brilliance. Students usually leave the debrief feeling positive and affirmed in their abilities, with a new way to look at their future.

What’s Included:

High-Tech Ability Battery (3hrs, fully online) – take it anywhere on your timing

Detailed Reports, with online career exploration tools

Customized Debrief with a Certified Consultant (2hrs)

Audio-recording of session, if desired

30-min Follow-up Consultation, if desired


Want to gather a group of 5 or more? Contact us to take advantage of group pricing for a group debrief.